Kanjoos Ahemedabadi

An Ahmedabadi called the obituary section of a leading local newspaper. He inquired-"Tell me, how much would it cost to have an obitualry printed in your Newspaper".
The ad clerk politely told him, "It would be Rupees 100 a word, sir!"
"Thats fine", said Lalloobhai Ahmedabadi after a moment of cost calculation.
"OK, then take them down, Jagdukaka Dead" He dictated to the clerk.
"Oh, that's all?" asked the clerk anticipating big writeup for dear ones.
"Yes, that's it. And charge rupees two hundred to my credit card, please, here is number".
"Hold it Sir, I am sorry, but I should have informed you that the Ad must be for minimum five hundred rupees and you may have minimum five words".
Lalloobhai got annoyed at the failures of his cost calculations. He blasted the Clerk, "Yes, you should have told me that, ahead".
After a moment of updating his cost versus benefit calcs, he loudlly dictated again, "OK write, Jagdukaka dead, Honda for Sale".